What is the Power To Empower Challenge?

Power To Empower 2015 is a challenge co-organized by India@75 (a CII initiative) and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and supported by managing partner Ennovent. This challenge aims to encourage students and entrepreneurs to become part of the large business opportunity that exists in the skills development arena. This challenge is focused on encouraging innovative and implementable business solutions that contribute to the development of a sustainable vocational skills ecosystem in India.

What is the objective of this challenge?

The objective is to generate widespread national visibility, increased awareness and promotion of skill development themes and creating an investible pipeline for skill development enterprises for the NSDC investment portfolio and other interested investors.

What are the categories where a participant can apply?

Idea: A solution concept developed on paper.

Seed: A solution that has run atleast a pilot on ground.

Operations: Solutions currently being executed on the ground.

Who can apply to P2E 2015?

  1. Social Enterprises/Entreprenuers
  2. Academic institutions/Universities/Colleges
  3. Business associations/Industry entities
  4. Students/Individuals/Group of Students/Group of individuals
  5. Training & skill development organisations
  6. Non-governmental organisations (registered under Society Act, Trust Act & Sec 25 Indian Company Act) and Cooperatives
  7. All applicants applying under the Operations Category should review the NSDC Funding Guidelines document and are required to submit the PD Screening document along with their completed application.
  8. Applications are invited from all sectors mentioned in the sector focus section .

What types of solutions P2E 2015 is interested to find through this Challenge? 

Idea: Around Overall Skill Development Framework

Seed: Around Overall Skill Development Framework

Operations: Organizations that are involved in Mobilization, Training & Placements


What is the selection criteria? 

Solutions/Ideas should focus at skill development in India.

Solutions should fulfill the following criteria’s: -

  • Social Impact – Best entries will show a positive social impact.
  • Sustainability – Entries should have a clear plan for reaching long-term goals and financial sustainability.
  • Innovation – Entries should clearly describe how their solutions are driven by ground-breaking ideas and strategy. Entries should clearly summarize their solution’s key activities aimed at meeting the project goals.
  • Scalability – Entries should have a scalable model to target large number of people and reach within India.
    • In Operations category, successful ventures will demonstrate that they have strong partnerships to address ongoing needs, support scalability, and present a clear financial strategy.
    • In Operations category, ventures should show some form of on-ground experience of Mobilization, Training &Placement and should be in action for at least 6 months and above.

What are the exclusion criteria of the P2E 2015 Challenge?

Organizations that are not eligible to apply:-

  • Organizations who have already received investments from NSDC.
  • Proposals that are already under evaluation at the TOR stage of NSDC.
  • In the Operations category, entries from the following sectors will not be entertained as part of the P2E 2015 challenge :
    • Tourism, hospitality and travel
    • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)

Sector focus

P2E 2015’s focus is high priority sectors and the unorganized sector as given below. However, the focus is not limited to the sectors mentioned below:-

  • Automobile/auto-components
  • Electronics hardware
  • Tourism, hospitality and travel
  • Textiles and garments
  • Transportation/logistics/warehousing and packaging
  • Leather and leather goods
  • Organised retail
  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Real estate
  • Gems and jewelry
  • Media, entertainment, broadcasting, content creation, animation
  • Building and construction
  • Healthcare
  • Food processing
  • Banking/insurance and finance
  • Handlooms and handicrafts
  • Education/skill development
  • Building hardware and home furnishings
  • IT or software
  • Infrastructure (Energy, water, sanitation)
  • Unorganised sector

Special focus is also given on solutions/enterprises that address to the following areas: -

  1. Greenjobs
  2. People with Disabilities
  3. Low income states/regions
  4. Training/self-employment of woman/Women Entrepreneurs

What are the timelines?

Power To Empower Challenge – 2015 Time-Lines

Call for Applications
July 1, 2015

November 19, 2015

Selection Process
Oct-Nov, 2015

December 2015

How does one Apply to P2E 2015?

Apply To Power To Empower Challenge – 2015

Power to Empower: Idea

If you have an idea/solution developed on the paper.

Apply Here

Power to Empower: Seed

If you have a solution that has run atleast a pilot on the ground.

Apply Here

Power To Empower: Operations

If you have a solution currently being executed on the ground.

Apply Here

The application format is also available for download here.

Can one submit more than one application?

Yes, one applicant can submit more than one application form, provided they are different solutions. Repetitions will be rejected.

When will I hear if my application has been successful and will I get feedback?

Applicants will be notified by email about the status of their application shortly after the end of each assessment round. Your application will either progress to the next round of assessment or be rejected. We are not able to give personalised feedback due to the expected high volume of applications.

What is expected of me if my application is selected for Round 2?

If you are selected to move to Round 2, you will be expected to fill in the detailed application form. The detailed application form will be provided during the due course of time.

Will my application be treated confidentially and will the NSDC team of assessors sign an NDA?

All applications will be treated confidentially if the applicant specifies this preference; however, the most likely approach to success will mean allowing other key NSDC and Ennovent partners to see your submission.

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